Here We Are To Worship Network



Founder Minister Valerie Allen:

Minister Valerie Allen is the inspired Author of I AM INSPIRED The Beginning, which inspires others to overcome shame, pain and guilt to the heights of success; Writer of various inspirational articles published online and in print; Executive Producer of Documentary Film, Here We Are To Worship: In Spirit And In Truth; Host and Facilitator of Here We Are To Worship Ministries Online Radio Ministry and A Fresh Tomorrow Ministry; Facilitator of Here We Are To Worship Online Radio Network; Founder & Instructor of Here We Are To Worship Online Bible Training and God's Talents & Abilities Training Program; Founder, Minister, CEO & President of Here We Are To Worship Ministries and Founder & CEO of Here We Are To Worship Network, as well as hold a Certificate of Evangelism from the Eastern Bible Institute of Newark, New Jersey.

In short, Minister Allen is simply a phenomenal executive producer, author, writer, business and event planner, and organizer; contributor, preacher, speaker, instructor, show host and facilitator, consultant and business woman; minister of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, mentor and proud mother of two incredible sons, a True Worshiper called to worship Yahweh (God), "in spirit and in truth"; All under the incredible Covering and Spiritual Leadership of Apostle B. Alexander and Prophetess Mona Lisa Ingram of S.E.E.D Faith Ministries International Fellowship, Columbia, SC,  in "training for reigning for who she is, and yet to be revealed!"

A Fresh Tomorrow Ministry Mission:

To bring healing and restoration to the hurting and suffering: John 10:10: "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

Founder's Statement:

Join me each scheduled night for a refreshed, inspired word OF healing, inspiration and restoration. "May you remain inspired to inspire."